Monday, 9 February 2015

Ah , those lost stitches

I've decided ! 

There is nothing worse to knit than black mohair (well that's how I feel this morning).  I had knit quite successfully yesterday sat in the lovely bright sunny conservatory, but last night was a bit of a nightmare. Took my knitting inside so I could knit whilst watching the TV and I really struggled seeing the stitches so I put my knitting down and decided to continue in the morning when the light was better. 

This morning I was out in the conservatory again and I still lost A STITCH. I never did find it, perhaps I never cast on enough stitches , who knows but one of my cables was out my 1 stitch the 2nd time I did a cable run. 

But all was not lost, the sun was shining again, the light in the conservatory was brilliant so I managed to create another stitch (as if like magic) on one of the 1st rows and make it look like its always been there :)

And if you are wondering why a crochet hook is in the photo, I really find with slippy yarns that its tons better to use a crochet hook than a cable needle to keep my stitches in check. Although it didn't quite work out that way this morning did it?

Do you have any tips for working with mohair or any other slippy yarns?, please let me know in the comments below.

View from my sunny conservatory this morning , lovely sunny winters day. There was a cold blast though , hence the heater. 


  1. I use one of these daylight lamps for the dark evenings - brilliant to knit or crochet dark yarns by!

  2. I've got some navy cotton that I struggle to knit at night. Might get my daylight lamp down, thanks Steph.

  3. I think one of the reasons my attempts to learn to crochet failed the first time around is because I was using dark yarn. Couldn't see what I was doing properly and didn't know how to recognise the different stitches and everything went to pot. I haven't tried using slippy yarns yet, but I imagine it gets annoying. So nice when it's finished though. :)


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