Saturday, 21 February 2015

My Blog ideas -> Your blog ideas

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I spring cleaned my blog, went through all my blog postings and made a decision on the types of things I thought and I wanted to blog about.

Things that would interest

a. crafty people, small business people trying to make a little living on line

b. knitters, with free patterns, tips, link to other knitting blogs and my own unique knitting patterns


c. potential buyers of my knitted accessories.

Bit of a tall order covering all this, but looking back on the blog postings I already had done it became apparent I was partway there.

And I'm happier about blogging now I can see a purpose, a way forward, see where I'm going with it instead of thinking its just me rambling away.

So here's my Blogging List, maybe you find it useful for your own blog, copy it, make it personal to you, you may want to cover more crafts or more homely stuff, well that's OK, write about what your happy with.

Personal stuff

1. Story of how you got started
2. Who/what inspires you
3. What other jobs you’ve held
4. Share a goal you’re working towards
5. Share your “big dream”
6. A quote you love and why
7. Share holiday snaps with some witty sayings
8. Share holiday destinations & crafty buys
9. Crafty things that family members do

Business tips
1. How you start your day
2. How you end your day
3. Customer Service tips
4.Time management/balance tips
5. How you stay energized and focused
6. Helpful websites you use frequently -
7. Top tools that are helpful
8. Book, course reviews
9. Review what you learned from an event (live or virtual)
10. Social media tips
11.Etsy tips
12. Web site management
13. How to Blog tips

Promoting you / others
1. Profile the Craft Britannia team and share their tips
2. Share other craft sellers
3. Share an interview with you that was published elsewhere
4. Interview someone else and share it
5. Recognize a top affiliate, team member or customer/client
6. Feature a success story (case study)
7. Write about new products, how and why made
8. Write about old products, how and why made
9. What you’re working on in business
10. What’s launching soon
11. A photo of your workspace
12. Photo of you with clients or working
13. ** Freebies **

Chuffed with my list, how about you?

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Quick View of Woolly Goodies available on my web site

Quick View of Woolly Goodies available on my web site
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