Sunday, 1 February 2015

Mustard and Chevrons , my favourites

Mustard has been my favourite colour for a good many years and whilst I don't wear the colour , I have incorporated it subtly in rooms in my house , usually on covings and picture rails and in curtains. 
 Mustard chevron cowl

But I found this wonderful mustard chunky yarn in a new yarn shop I came across in my home town and knew I had to buy it. 

Within a day I had designed a new cowl incorporating some lovely chevron shapes just by knitting simple knits and purls....and then I started knitting in the lovely mustard yarn. 

What a yummy result.

I listed the cowl in my Etsy shop and within a month, someone had snapped it up!

 small blue chevron cowl
Small chevron

Using the same pattern I knitted the cowl again, this time in a lovely blue 100% big wool yarn from Rowan. I knitted 2 different sizes just to see the effect of extending the pattern, nearly doubling the size and WoW ! what a cowl that was. 

Because these knitted up so beautifully I decided there and then to write up the design into a knitting pattern so others could knit the cowl in whatever chunky yarn they fancied. 

Large chevron

The knitting pattern is now available on line here at my Craftsy store 

I was really surprised when earlier on this month Craftsy ran the pattern in one of there own blog postings.

"Get instant gratification with trendy chunky knitting patterns"

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  1. These are beautiful. No wonder you've been featured by Craftsy. :)


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