Thursday, 26 February 2015

"Life Covers" Harris Tweed covers etc that you will treasure for life!

This blog posting has been written as a BIG HUGE thank you to Sally @ LifeCovers for inspiring me to start working with Harris Tweed. She supplied me with her off cuts to make my well liked heart garlands and she told me where to go to find the weaver's when visiting Harris

I could see the versatility of the woolly fabric just by viewing the products in her on-line shop and I know 1st hand that her sewing skills are superb. 

Below are just a few of her more feminine products.

And here are the answers to some of the questions I've been wanting to ask Sally for ages.......

Who are you?

My name is Sally and I live in the beautiful countryside of East Lothian, Scotland. But not always, I grew up in Oxfordshire and have spent a number of years in the United States.

What's been your career? 

Yes, I've had a few interesting jobs; shoe seller, garden designer, yacht charter consultant, project manager and chef. However, my best job description has to be 'Cat Socialiser and Adoption Counsellor'. 

Most famous moment?

I was in a movie with Richard Gere. 

When did you start up your business?

 I retired (very early!) in 2009 after a stressful time working as a Project Manager. After 3 months of leisurely lunches, I knew I wasn't ready for retirement and got out my sewing machine. I had always secretly envied those handmade goods at local Craft Fairs. 

Why Harris Tweed? 

It's totally unique which sounds a bit of a cliché. I love the history and the fact that the whole process is carried out from start to finish on the Islands. Regardless of the world's economy, Harris Tweed is here to stay. 

Advice to new businesses?

 'Just do it!' Running a small business requires more skills than you can imagine and there are some jobs that are always at the bottom of the pile. Don't waste time procrastinating, get them out of the way first. 

What next? 

In the past few months I explored the possibility of moving onto larger projects for the home and attended an upholstery course. I like the idea of being able to buy greater quantities of Harris Tweed.

To find Sally, just visit

PS, Please ask in the comments if you just NEED to know which Richard Gere movie Sally was in. 


  1. Thank you Sandra. I may have a few more offcuts for you!

  2. Great post. Love this profile of a very talented designer/maker. :)


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