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Course Review - Craftsy Pictures to Pixel Quilts

Pictures to Pixel Quilts
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I have had this Craftsy course sat in my "Wishlist" for a couple of years. Why? you might be thinking would a knitter be interested in a quilting course?  

I had thought that this might find me a quick and cheerful way to produce fair Isle charts for my knitting. Just read my review to the end and you'll find out whether I think it will do the trick. 

Each of the Craftsy courses is broken in to a series of lessons , so you can learn at your own speed. I ended up doing this full course in 3 separate sittings , doing a quick review of the things I had learnt in the 1st lessons as I went along. 

Lesson 1 and 2 are the welcome and introduction.

Lesson 3 is great . At the end of the lesson you have enough information to choose the correct sort of picture to pixelate. I'm thinking that these pixelated picture would be suitable for Cross stitch work and Fair Isle work too , not just quilting.There is a lot of IT techie stuff covered;how to pixelate using the Mac and PC and what free software you could use. Even how to do it manually using an Ipad and graph paper!

Lesson 4 - This is where it starts getting quite technical and if you are not comfortable using Excel then either keep away from this course or take a lot of notes. But if you are determined that this is what you want to do then this process is great ! You get great instructions for sorting out columns and rows in your spreadsheet , creating legends for each of the colours and conditional formula to change the legend to the correct colour. As I said its a bit techie and probably only useful if you are used to excel even though she explains it very well.   

Working with excel and background image is even easier , I have used this method years ago.

Counting how many squares of each colour and counting what cuts and how many you need to make - great for quilt making!
Lesson 5 - calculating yardage - for quilters only

Lesson 6 - assembling the quilt

I didn't do Lesson 5 and 6 , sorry , but I'm sure the quality would have been good as the rest of the course was.

This was a very well instructed class. If this is what you fancy doing , its fiddly but the course covered EVERYTHING !

Straight away after doing the course I attempted to pixelate one of my pictures. I used the pic2pat software the instructor recommended and I turned my heart avatar to a series of pixelated pictures, which ranged from the use of 32 different colours to 7 colours. 

This has confirmed to me , that this software will produce the pixelated pictures that I need for Fair Isle work. Its just a matter of choosing the correct picture in the 1st place (as simple as possible). Once that's achieved then what I learnt in lesson 4 could be used to get the chart in Excel. 

Ooh ! the possibilities are endless.

And for you quilters, Craftsy (my fave on-line store at the moment) is giving away a great e-guide. That is FREE for you to download Now ! , only available for a limited time! Just click on the piccie below

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