Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Interior Design Course - the start

Hi all

You know I said I had given up full time work a few months back and I was still deciding what I should. 

Well one of the things I've always been a little interested in AND would sort of link up to the homely parts of the TheFeminineTouch is "Interior Design". So going back a couple of months, just after I got back from a little holiday I decided to enrol in an on-line Interior Design course. Its a 12 week course , which doesn't in fact mean that I have only 12 weeks to do it in , it only means that I get sent 12 weekly tutorials to read through in my own time. There is a lot to learn , ranging from colour theory to architecture , designing rooms to what standard symbols you use on room plans. There is a whole load of reference material too , which I will find really useful (its a good job they said we didn't need to learn all that off by heart). 

I have now completed tutorial 6 , which in theory should mean that I'm half way there. 

Humph , not so sure about that. 

There are a number of assignments to do too , these are the things that take the time. I have completed 3 1/2 of them (1/2 because I have completed the 1st half of assignment 4 and got it marked before I embarked on the 2nd half). 

I have yet to look forward to see how many assignments I have to do as I think that will put me off. They are getting steadily harder and harder.

The 1/2 assignment I completed successfully was to collect samples of wallpaper , fabrics , carpets and pictures of lighting and furniture to make what we call a "mood board". 

But it's not just about putting the samples together on the board and having it looking pretty , you also have to have them all labelled neatly , and have these all listed , where you buy the fabrics etc from , how much you will need and it all costed up properly.

and what did my tutor have to say.......

Sandra, your sample board and index for the living room reads very well, your client will have no difficulty in seeing what you are intending to achieve with their space

Now to get back to the second half of that assignment - a drawn to scale room plan.   See you later.....

Monday, 25 November 2013

Free Tutorials

Free Tutorials

One of my fellow crafters on Uniquely UK has been very successful with her free felty tutorials that she made to celebrate Halloween.

The team at Uniquely UK have decided to follow Simmi's lead and provide little snippets of information that will help those who want to understand our craft a little better or who want to improve their skills.

Obviously I will concentrate on providing knitting tutorials , but if I stray don't tell me off please.

So , this one is the first of many (I hope).  How to knit a cable tree

I really enjoyed writing this up, ensuring that all steps were covered and that the photographs helped tell the story. I think my experience writing system documentation has helped me a lot here , I just remembered to replace system screen dumps with photographs showing the work in progress.

If you would like to keep up to date with ALL the free tutorials that the team at Uniquely UK will be producing , then why not follow the team here - UniquelyUK

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Welcome to Uniquely UK - our welcome poem , he he

Uniquely UK: Welcome to Uniquely UK: To all our new readers, We'd like to say 'Hey!', And a very warm welcome, To UniquelyUK ! Looking for gifts...

Christmas with Uniquely UK

Celebrate Christmas this year with hand made products that have been designed and created with lots of love and passion.

UUK , ie Uniquely UK bring you an assortment of goodies in wonderful Christmas colours. Just click here for some inspirational ideas for gifts and decorations......and if you like what you see and it doesn't quite fit your colour scheme then just let them know

Friday, 15 November 2013

Life after full time IT work

Its been a long time since my last blog posting and my life has changed so much since then.

My full time work , that I did enjoy so much has come to an end. After a lot of heart wrenching discussions with family and friends I decided to take voluntary redundancy from my full time job in June 2013. My job was with the local council looking after a team of IT developers and support people. I have been in IT since my twenties (over 30 years ! Yipes) and thought I was there to stay well in to my sixties but life is about living ! and its about time I had a change and leave all the new emerging technology to the youngsters.

4 and a half months later and I'm still trying to decide what to do for the rest of my life.

Do I try and find another full time job in IT? My professionally written CV is out there , I have job agencies contact me with jobs they think I'm suitable for and I have applied for a few jobs. Am I bothered that I don't get interviews? I think the longer I'm out of  a job , the more I don't want to go through an interview process and the more I'm scared of the 1st days at work , getting to meet new people , being tested on my IT skills (which will be diminishing as technology changes , month on month). 

 Do I try and make a living out of selling my hand knitted items. Well we all know that's impossible! If you calculate the amount of time it takes me to hand knit an item x even just the minimum wage then I would be pricing my hand knitted items right out of the market. So even though I love knitting and love selling on-line and the on-line community , hand knitting will always stay as a hobby. Saying that, have you seen my new "mug hugs" , little fair isle wool mug cosies using some techniques I picked up at a Rowan workshop. These are adorable , brilliant gift ideas for Christmas presents. I would really like these to take off , I have some really cool ideas for designs for the whole year , for kids and adults alike.

Within the 1st month of being at home , I developed 2 little web sites , one to celebrate TheFeminineTouch , linking to my Etsy shop. Here I try and give potential customers some background information on my designs , what I have been working on recently and how to buy from me. The other one - UniquelyUK, is one that really excites me is one I developed in collaboration with a team of UK artisans from the Etsy community.  here I used my team leader abilities to bring a team from all over the UK virtually together to develop an on-line presence. I am finding that each individual in the team has unique skills to bring to the table. For example, one young lady is brilliant at manipulating photographs into montages to use on the web site and another is a lovely poet and we have used her skills in bringing together an introduction poem (more of that in another blog posting).

So how do I incorporate my knowledge and skills in IT, my team leader abilities and my knowledge of on-line selling and crafting to make a living for myself? Read my next blog postings to follow me in my journey.........

Quick View of Woolly Goodies available on my web site

Quick View of Woolly Goodies available on my web site
Click on photo above to see detail / to purchase