Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Craft Britannia Wedding Video (Demo)

Yesterday I read the the latest Etsy Preneurship announcement with interest , that about Crowd promoting and I thought as a UK based crafty team the Etsy Craft Britannia team should be able to do something to pull in the crowds, get new customers (and existing ones) to come a looking at our little Etsy shops. 

My mind was humming with activity , how could we pull in the crowds? what could we do that was a little different to everyone else? what could we do that might have the potential to go viral? what could we do to get more sales?

I chatted to the team, to see what interest I would get , a plan was formulating in my mind. 

A few weeks ago, I had a video made, just a simple little thing based on my etsy shop, that showed off a few of my products mixed in with some words. I had paid (just a fiverr) for it being made. At first I was pleased , then not so sure about the quality so I looked around the Internet for bits of software that I could use to develop my own. Well I found a few  and had planned at some stage about compiling a video showing off a new range of products. 

Could I use this technique to show off Craft Britannia products, in a way that a treasury or a blog posting couldn't do. The more I thought about it and the more research I did, the more I thought that this was the way to go. Seems that both Twitter and Face book are now entrenched in displaying little video clips, seems that watching people make a fool of themselves is the way that these things go viral. Oh well, I won't be producing something that funny!, but I will be able to produce something that will display the BEST of Craft Britannia in one small video clip.

The team seemed to be on board, they agreed that the idea was good, bringing in a little humour was even better. The idea of developing a video story was born, one to music (created by a Craft Britannia team member). This would take time of course......

So in the meantime, back to my thinking, could I develop a video based on just my products? wouldn't that be a bit boring? No, not if I used similar products from other team members, not if I developed a video that showed off our glorious wedding products. Excitement set in, and the wedding video demo was developed, just to establish whether the concept would work.

I planned on letting potential candidates for the video know about my plans, to ensure that they agreed that their product photos could be used in this way and to find out if they would help with the crowd promoting. 

Here is a preview of some of the potential candidates

So once , the video was finally made could I rely on the Craft Britannia team to make it go viral (as viral as possible), would they post and share on all the different social media channels? would they twitter about it? would they share with friends and family? would they drool over the photos with their beloved? would they pass on to their favourite wedding planner? would they share with their newly engaged friend?

Please let me have your comments ..... 

PS Here is the final version of the video, impressed?


  1. Yes I'm happy to be involved, thanks for including me & for putting in your time & effort :)

  2. I think it's a fab idea and can easily be shared via social media, especially if we use the right tags for the themes.

  3. Wonderful idea! Well done Sandra on doing all the research and getting your video made =) xx

  4. Great idea! Happy to participate and promote :-)

  5. Great idea! Happy to participate and promote :-)

  6. Thank you for putting in so much effort, Sandra. Very generous - I will flash it about as much as possible!


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