Sunday, 22 February 2015

4 Free Flowery FairIsle Charts

Sorry , the title is a bit of a tongue twister, but I didn't know any other way of saying that today I'm giving you 4 Free Flowery Fair Isle charts. 

If you remember, last week I reviewed a great Craftsy mini course called "Picture to Pixel Quilt", thinking that I may be able to use the techniques I learnt to create some unique fair isle charts. 

Well these are my first attempts of taking some flowery clip art photographs and turning them in to Fair Isle charts for you.

I used the pic2pat software mentioned in the course (and which I used in my review) to transform clip art to pixel diagrams. 

From each of the pixel diagrams I retyped these in to my Intertwined software (one up from Excel for creating knitting charts).I cut down on the number of colours used in the finished fair isle charts. Mainly because I tried knitting one with 6 different colours and got totally tangled with all my little balls of wool. 

Well here are the Fair Isle charts. Click on each of the pictures and either save or print the chart.

Just 3 colours used in this great symmetrical flowery motif. Make sure you use lovely contrasting colours to really show off this flower to its full potential. 

2 abstract flowers this time , another great motif.

A row of tulips, great for spring time themes, will make a great border.

Another flowery motif

With the motifs , be adventurous with the colours, make sure you can see the contrasts and most of all have fun!

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