Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Etsy treasury point scoring

I found some information today that may help us get our treasuries to the front page of Etsy.

I have put the information into my own words (so I understand) and I offer it to you below. ******* is the most important bit. WE all need to be viewing & commenting on treasuries we are not featured in and have not curated.

The treasury is broken down in five categories: views, clicks, comments, shares, and report. This information is about the views, clicks and comments only . Don’t know what shares and report are. We need to find this out.

The top treasury on page 1 is around 5,000-6,000 points; the treasury on the top of page 2 is around 2,500-3,000 points.

Within the 1st 5 hours of posting:-

1.    Time of treasury starts from when you start creating it, so collect your urls (copy and paste into Microsoft Word) first  and then start creating when you have them all (or more than 16). Quickly copy and paste into treasury and then move around so it looks right
 2 Each treasury starts with 2,000 points

3.  When someone views it, the treasury gets 1 point . You can go back and view 30 minutes later and get additional 1 points.   *******

4.  When someone clicks on ONE of the items , the treasury gets .75 point  (there is a 1 minute time delay for the click to show up)
5.   When someone comments on it , the treasury gets 2 points for every comment (unless curator or featured)   *******

6.   When a curator comments on it , the treasury looses .01 point
7.  When someone who is featured in the treasury comments , the treasury only gets 2 points for the 1st comment, no points for the further comments. Somehow the system knows if you try to comment from you additional shop.

After the 1st 5 hours – the point scoring changes and its all to do with the change of activity after the 1st 5 hours.

1.       If the activity increases the treasury points increase.

2.       If the activity decreases the treasury points decrease.

3.       If the activity stays the same, the treasury points decrease a little bit.

4.       Activity has to continually increase minute by minute for the treasury points to increase

If you have read and understand , then I would like for a few of us to try this out in , set aside 5 hours or more , where we can all view and comment on a few treasuries. What do you think?


  1. Very interested to hear your findings.... do please keep us posted :)

  2. very interesting! I always click through the shops listed and items in each shop as I did read somewhere,this moves it up the list too :) x

  3. been busy busy busy! finger ache now
    back to it!

  4. Excellent findings. It is this kind of thing that will help us promote ourselves in an ordered way via treasuries.

  5. So you almost need a second wave of publicity after the first five hours? Interesting.

  6. Great article Fem, thanks for all the effort you've put in. Lets see what we can do to get these treasuries on the FP !!!!!!


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