Monday, 30 January 2012


I wish my knowledge of Italian could cope with a proper translation of the above. Google translates it to - EACH SCENE HAS ITS TIME BEAUTY. ANY AGE 'HAS ITS REASONS.

I think I "get" what the owner of this blog is trying to get across. The blog is called "TheFeminineTouch"  and shows some beautiful before and after photographs of delicious women.

Its a blog I would love to have brought to you , given it's name. Here's a collage of some of the lovely photographs


Monday, 23 January 2012

Where have I been?

Ok , it's been a long time since my last blog posting , must be a few months. So what have I been doing , where have I been?

I have been totally devoting my time (whilst I'm not doing the day job) to crafting , knitting , bit of crochet and sewing and generally trying to get my lovely goodies out there for all to see.

As well as selling through Etsy I have been trying other selling venues. These have included a new craft shop in a little market town in Yorkshire, where I have had most of my accessories on display over the Christmas period. Here I sold 2 of my unique bags and loads of my flower brooches plus had tons of admirers of my hand knitted / felted cushions.

I also tried my hand at the Christmas craft fair at my local garden centre , which was a bit of a flop. Even though I cleverly displayed all my items this time , still no customers came my way :(

All is not lost  though and I now have some of my accessories on display in the garden centre full time.

I've also been extending my range of items , trying to find the ideal creation that will get those sales.

Flower brooches seem to be one of my top sellers.

So are my hot water bottle covers that I created specially for the Christmas market.

And then there are the little felted Christmas trees , just perfect.

All in all I'm happy with my little Etsy shop at the moment. I have over 120 accessories displayed. I'm making sure there is plenty of diversity in what I'm making and selling until I can determine where the market is.  I've managed to experiment in selling my goodies off line and I now have more of an idea of shelf rental prices and what I can expect out of such a venture to ensure a reasonable profit.

Sales so far this year have been really good. 7 Sales in one month is brilliant for me. Just think back to this time last year where I was achieving only 1 sale a month :(

Hope this blog posting will inspire other new crafters :) and the more experienced ones will have a little smile on their faces thinking back to a time when they were just beginning their journey.

Quick View of Woolly Goodies available on my web site

Quick View of Woolly Goodies available on my web site
Click on photo above to see detail / to purchase