Thursday, 24 February 2011

In the Mood

"In the Mood" treasury created by that I was featured in managed to get to Page 3 of Etsy , lots of comments from non curator and non featured people which pushed it up the rankings. Noones commented on it for a while so it's slowly going down :(  - on Page 4 now.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My thoughts on getting to the FRONT PAGE of Etsy

My thoughts on getting to the Front Page of Etsy

My last post was all about the point scoring of Etsy treasuries. Which is really good if you want to know how to get treasuries you have curated or you are featured in really really “HOT”.

The hotter they get then the more exposure is given to the items featured in the treasuries. I suppose the shop that has curated the treasury make get a look in too, if they have a stunning avatar that gets them noticed.

But what if your ultimate challenge is to get a treasury you are featured in to the Front Page.

We hear of some shops getting to the Front Page once or twice a day, others maybe once a year. It’s not all about stunning items and photographs or even what’s in the treasury. There have been some really bazaar looking treasuries on the Front Page and some not so good photos. [But If I were you I still concentrate on getting them really cool photos].

So Rule 1 for me is:

Great, stunning cool photos – Etsy Admin choose the Front Page, so the photos must fit in with what they think is great! All my photos so far are crispish and on a white background (I have a white kitchen table with white tiles behind so it’s easy for me). Looking at what hits the Front Page, some items are well staged, some items are really close up, some items make you want to look and find out more, some items have a sense of purpose, a theme to them.   

I’ve retaken some of my scarf photos, incorporating a large glass bottle (to entwine the scarf round) which does make them a bit more 3D (you can even see the bit of the scarf that would normally be behind your neck) but I really don’t think that’s enough. Not Front Page material yetL. Any suggestions? (I don’t have a model).

Another Rule for me, which I need to do ASAP, is:-

Use the merchandising report. This apparently tells you what Etsy Admin are looking for. They say what colours, what ideas, etc. So I must correctly tag my items for these themes. If spring is a merchandising theme then I need to tag my items accordingly. So if I have something that is green, I need to tag it ‘spring green’.

People that are making treasuries to get them on the Front Page (there are teams especially for this) will be making collections based on the merchandising report as they know that Etsy Admin will be looking for these treasuries.

And then I need to:-

Carry on making treasuries myself – but take a look at the merchandising report and pick items that fit the bill. Make sure it’s beautiful (all mine are!) a wide variety of items and at different prices. Tag the treasury with tags from the merchandising report. When I have a really cool one then promote all over the place. The only way its going to become hot or get noticed by Etsy Admin is to get those points.

Thinking of joining a treasury team if I can’t get on the Front page on my own merit. But that’s for a later day.

I haven’t got tons of time , so really need to find any short cuts I can , I’m hoping that if I can get on the Front Page , get a whole load of hearts (future sales perhaps) and a sale or two it will keep me motivated to continue.

 It’s about working the system, like lots of others do.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Etsy treasury point scoring

I found some information today that may help us get our treasuries to the front page of Etsy.

I have put the information into my own words (so I understand) and I offer it to you below. ******* is the most important bit. WE all need to be viewing & commenting on treasuries we are not featured in and have not curated.

The treasury is broken down in five categories: views, clicks, comments, shares, and report. This information is about the views, clicks and comments only . Don’t know what shares and report are. We need to find this out.

The top treasury on page 1 is around 5,000-6,000 points; the treasury on the top of page 2 is around 2,500-3,000 points.

Within the 1st 5 hours of posting:-

1.    Time of treasury starts from when you start creating it, so collect your urls (copy and paste into Microsoft Word) first  and then start creating when you have them all (or more than 16). Quickly copy and paste into treasury and then move around so it looks right
 2 Each treasury starts with 2,000 points

3.  When someone views it, the treasury gets 1 point . You can go back and view 30 minutes later and get additional 1 points.   *******

4.  When someone clicks on ONE of the items , the treasury gets .75 point  (there is a 1 minute time delay for the click to show up)
5.   When someone comments on it , the treasury gets 2 points for every comment (unless curator or featured)   *******

6.   When a curator comments on it , the treasury looses .01 point
7.  When someone who is featured in the treasury comments , the treasury only gets 2 points for the 1st comment, no points for the further comments. Somehow the system knows if you try to comment from you additional shop.

After the 1st 5 hours – the point scoring changes and its all to do with the change of activity after the 1st 5 hours.

1.       If the activity increases the treasury points increase.

2.       If the activity decreases the treasury points decrease.

3.       If the activity stays the same, the treasury points decrease a little bit.

4.       Activity has to continually increase minute by minute for the treasury points to increase

If you have read and understand , then I would like for a few of us to try this out in , set aside 5 hours or more , where we can all view and comment on a few treasuries. What do you think?

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Tricks of the Trade - How to build your wardrobe

Click here to see all the "Tricks of the Trade" treasuries -

Individual treasuries promoting some items from my own shop on Etsy - TheFeminineTouch - and others to give a coordinated look.

I was inspired by Gok - a UK celebrity , on lots of TV shows - one called "How to Look Good Naked" and the other "Gok's Fashion Shoot" . Basically he takes a bunch of ladies who have no idea how to dress or what body shape they are and he sorts them out , getting them in to clothes that suit them.

 I like the bits in the shows where he works out a dozen or so key pieces that all coordinate together and will mix and match with other items. I've tried to do the same in these treasuries. See what you think , let me know ! !

[PS Would love to be Gok's apprentice] , if you can sort that out too , would be brill !!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Gok's apprentice for the day

Had a thought yesterday , what's the best way to promote what you are trying to sell?

When it comes to clothes & accessories , us ladies need to know whether we have something in our wardrobe it will go with. If not we need to buy something else new to go with the item we wish to buy.

So what have I done , I've created treasuries of coordinated items that go with 4 of the items I am promoting ! good eh!

I think I'm Gok's apprentice  - 

Here are the treasuries

Ladies Pure Wool knitted tank top in dusky pink

Hand knit lace scarf / shawl / wrap in soft light blue mohair mix yarn

Hand knitted 100% woollen moss stitch purple clutch bag , felt lined.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Today's challenge

So I'm writing blogs , very unusual for someone who doesn't really like talking about herself or what she does. But hey ! if i want to get on this world of social media and Internet selling this is what I've got to do. No problem.

So you will see my blogs change as i get more adventurous. At the moment , I'm just talking about my experiences with Etsy and my on-line shop. in the future - the sky's the limit.

On a serious note though , this is something I HAVE to do , to get my shop more out there and to get those SALES. My ultimate aim is to give up my full time job (or go part time) so I really need to make this work.

My challenge for today is to get ALL my Craft Britannia friends to support me in this , leave comments and be my followers. [Please]

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Be My Valentine , the upcycling way

The rose is red, the violet's blue
The honey's sweet, and so are you
Thou are my love and I am thine
I drew thee to my Valentine
The lot was cast and then I drew
And Fortune said it shou'd be you.
Valentines day , traditionally a day when flowers , chocolates and cards are given to lovers the world over.

Since starting my shop - TheFeminineTouch back in September I've been wondering how I could bring recycled products to you this Valentines day.

And now I've done it...........

Last week I finished my 1st flower brooches made from recycled woollen jumpers. They are really cool. I can't wait til I get source some more woollen jumpers of different colours , but until then these 3 purple / blue combinations will do as a preview.

Felted flower brooches are available from these other etsy shops too -

Quick View of Woolly Goodies available on my web site

Quick View of Woolly Goodies available on my web site
Click on photo above to see detail / to purchase