Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Those elusive sales

Been at it again. Thinking about how I can get those elusive sales my way.

I started thinking maybe I wasn't making the right things that would ACTUALLY sell. Maybe I needed to re-think what I was making and selling !

Do I want to do that? Well I did some digging around and found this idea.

Create a knitting pattern and sell the pdf pattern on Etsy. One particular shop has had over 7000 sales of her knitting and crochet patterns. Here's her info -

I do tend to make up my knitting designs as I go along , picking up ideas here and there, so this idea really inspired me. Could I remember a pattern well enough to write it down for everyone else to understand? and could I create a pattern that is so unique and wonderful that people would want to purchase it?


And then something else I read about , got me thinking too. 

Get some business cards printed and a photo book (yes a book full of photos of your items) and take with you wherever.

I really like this idea. Once the weather gets warmer we like to travel around the UK in our motorhome , so have business cards and photos with me means I could hand them out on the camp sites and in the pubs we visit.

So lot's to think about! Think I need to stop thinking and get doing!


  1. Whatever you decide to make/sell/do, good luck with it!!!

  2. Really great idea to take business cards and pic with you on your travels. Leave the cards whereever you're allowed as someone somewhere will be interested and investigate! Creative thinking I say. Wish ya all the best and many sales!


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