Thursday, 17 March 2011

Etsy EuroWeek 2011 - European countries and their languages

50 European countries speaking many different languages.

How amazing is it that , on Etsy (like tons of other places) we expect everyone to read and write the English language. Believe you me , I know how difficult it is to master a foreign language so I am dead proud of my fellow Europeans on Etsy that they just do that. 

I have complied a list of all the European countries and the languages that are spoken in parts or throughout the countries. 

Wow , I can only speak one of those languages fluently. I delved into French and German at school and learnt a little Italian later on in life. But not in my wildest dreams would I consider selling on Etsy if it was in a different language than English.

Thinking maybe we should be promoting shops from all the european countries - what do you think?

Albania                               Albanian
Andorra                             Catalan
Armenia                              Armenian
Austria                               German
Belarus                               Belarusian
Belgium                              German, Flemish, French, Picard
Bosnia and Herzegovina       Bosnian
Bulgaria                              Bulgarian,
Croatia                               Croatian, Italian
Cyprus                                 Greek, Cypricot Arabic
Czech Republic                    Czech
Denmark                             Danish, German
Finland                                Swedish
France                                Breton, Flemish, Corsican, French, Norman,  Occitan, Picard, Basque,
Georgia                                Greek, Kartvelian
Germany                             German
Greece                                Albanian, Greek
Holy See (Vatican City)         Italian
Iceland                                Icelandic
Ireland                                Irish
Italy                                    Franco-Provencal, Italian, Occitan, Sardinian
Kosovo                                Albanian
Latvia                                  Latvian
Liechtenstein                       German
Lithuania                             Lithuanian
Luxembourg                        French, Luxembourgish
Macedonia                           Albanian, Greek , Macedonian
Malta                                   Maltese
Moldova                               Romanian
Monaco                                French
Montenegro                         Albanian, Montenegrin
Netherlands                         Dutch, German
Norway                                Norwegian
Poland                                 Polish
Portugal                               Portugese, Mirandese
Romania                              Greek, Romanian
Russia                                   Russian, Mongolic
Serbia                                  Albanian, Romanian, Serbian
Slovakia                               Slovak
Slovenia                               Slovene
Spain                                   Aragonese, Asturian, Basque, Catalan, Leonese, Occitan, Spanish
Sweden                               Elfdalian, Swedish
Switzerland                         German, French, Italian, Romansh
Turkey                                 Albanian, Greek, Turkish
Ukraine                               Russian, Ukrainian
United Kingdom                   English, Scottish, Welsh, Manx

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  1. Hi!
    Great idea!
    Btw I'm Ukrainian and nodody I know speaks Greek. But everybody speaks Russian )

    here is my etsy shop


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