Sunday, 13 August 2017

Shssss Don't Tell Michelle


Michelle is my daughter who is getting married in just 2 weeks time. I want to make sure that the WHOLE day is special! Knowing how stressed Michelle is getting, how much she needs her sleep and the fact that she, the bridesmaids and myself need to be up and about at 6:00 am that morning to deal with the hairdresser and the make up artist I decided to craft this.
I was inspired by the picnic basket I managed to pick up at TKMaxx the other day, and on the same shelves in the shop were a mixture of teas, coffees, biscuits etc that would be suitable for going in the basket.

I had some of the pretty fabric left over from my bunting making, not very big pieces but enough to not through away. I considered unpicking the lining that already existed and using that as a template for a new one but I simply did not have enough fabric left, so I simply tacked on what I had to the edge of the lining ensuring that I had a neat finish. I undid the ties that were there and added in some coordinating ribbon.  With more fabric I created a simple little patchwork table cloth. It's small, but will easily fold up and take up a small amount of space in the basket. Viola !

Just some of the yummy goodies I bought for the basket. Along with fresh croissants and orange juice , oh and the bucks fizz. 

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Quick View of Woolly Goodies available on my web site

Quick View of Woolly Goodies available on my web site
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