Friday, 25 March 2011

Etsy Euroweek 2011 - Another shop from Sweden


A few more days to go in my quest to promote all 50 European countries as part of Euroweek. This morning is the turn of yet another shop from Sweden - Lottalosten

I'm Lotta Losten and i live in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I got in to jewelry making about six years ago. I was studying theatre and my dream had always been to work as an actress. At my school there were also art classes. The pupils there had lovely art shows and I always felt a bit jealous of them. When they made something they could keep it that way forever. When you have a play it's new every time you go on stage. I love that about theatre but I really longed for something more lasting.

All I had to work with at home was a copper wire. And a piece of chrystal from an old chandelier. I wanted to make a leaf, with veins. And maybe the chrystal could be a tiny droplet on the leaf.

And that was my first earring.

I love how copper wire can transform into anything if you use your imagiination.
The things I can do today is so much more advanced than the ones I first did. That's really beautiful to me: That process when your hands learn more and more just by doing. Imagine what I can do in ten years!

I take a lot of pride in my work and the fact that all my designs are my own. No one has taught me how to do this, it's just me, my fingers and my brain. All my jewelry is made entirely by hand and every single piece is unique.

I still love the theatre and I'm hoping that I one day can combine my love for making jewelry, my acting and maybe even photography. That would be the best job ever!

During Euro week I offer a 10% discount off all items in my Etsy shop!

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  1. oh i've seen her work on etsy
    really great designs


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