Saturday, 26 March 2011

Etsy Euroweek 2011 - A shop from Poland

This my last day !

Well it certainly has been an interesting week. We have travelled throughout Europe and visited over 20 unique shops and had a little peek into the lives of the shop owners. 

Today I'm featuring a shop from Poland - Amadeitknits -

My name is Aga and I'm the person behind

I'm a knitter and my adventure with yarn started when I was a little girl. I was surrounded with amazing and talented women who made magic with needles. One of them knitted some clothes for my dolls, and then I just knew I had to learn how to make such beautiful things myself. And the minute I took the needles into my hands, I was hooked.

Now I knit mostly accessories - and that's what you'll find in my shop. My recent addiction is lace shawls. I'm having lots of fun making them, and I believe every woman should have at least one. I love yarns that are so light that they seem almost weightless. For me they are the ultimate definition of small luxury:)

I blog about my projects here:
and tweet about the shop here:

I live in Łódź (say "would you" very fast, and the sounds responding to the first six letters will give you the right pronunciation:)), Poland, a city which has always been famous for its textile industry. We call it "the city of four cultures" - Polish, Jewish, Russian and German - as it reflects our multicultural history. 

It's a fantastic source of inspiration for many artists. Our Art Academy has great departments of fashion design, textile and jewelry; our Film School gave the world many talented movie makers. We have countless architectural treasuries - small palaces and huge factories built in the 19th and early 20th century. Today these factories, once alive with the clatter of looms, have been turned into museums or shopping and entertainment centers (I highly recommend Manufaktura / - a magnificent example of modern use for industrial architecture).

Recently my city has become the host of Łódź Fashion Week – hopefully one day this event will be as huge as the ones held in the fashion capitals of the world. And maybe I’ll see you there?


  1. Such beautiful creations! Thnx for sharing your story!


  2. so interesting! congrats

  3. Lovely shop - gorgeously feminine things!

  4. Thanks for noticing my shop and for letting me share it with the world! Your blog is great!

  5. fantastic post about very talented lady :)


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