Saturday, 26 March 2011

Etsy Euroweek 2011 - A shop from Latvia

Requests are coming in thick and fast to be featured in these blog posting to celebrate Euroweek on Etsy.

Today I am featuring Rita who owns a shop called Alatvian These are her words:-

I'm Rita from Latvia living and creating in a small village next to the Baltic sea.

As far, as I can remember, I have always been busy creating with every material I got in my hands. But my greatest love goes to wearable creations, especially - to all kinds of textiles and stones. It started with knitting. My mom taught me at very young age, and has never stopped. I've tried loads of different techniques and materials until now and still love to learn something new and to help others to do so, too.

Formally educated as a Germanist, I had my career as a German teacher and translator, but it crashed with the wold's economy. I still do translations, when I get any, as I can't live with my two younger children from selling my finds and creations for now and I like to translate and help people to understand each other. I teach crafts to children and adults, whenever there is somebody willing to learn. :)

I'm thankful to have found Etsy and excited about the truly international and loving community there, especially the fabulous European Street Team! 

My first on-line shop there was opened 2 years ago. For now there are 3 of them Now I'm closing the ceramics shop and moving the rest of my ceramics to the two others, as every day on this planet has got only 24 hours and I have to set some priorities.

Many thanks to TheFeminineTouch - Her shop for featuring me in her blog and to all of you for reading about me!



  1. YAY for Rita :) You're so multitalented!

  2. Congrats on feature Rita! Lovely post!

  3. Beautiful shop!
    The beaded cocktail ring is really great!

  4. Rita is an incredible artist & I'm so happy to see her featured on your wonderful European Series!


  5. Congrats on the feature, Rita! FeminineTouch, I've really enjoyed the series so far. :-)) from Belgium


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