Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Etsy Euroweek 2011 - Another shop from the Netherlands

I am promoting European shops as my part in Euroweek that started this Monday 21st March 2011.

I have already promoted a number of shops from around Europe , Italy , Bulgaria, France, Greece etc. I have found another wonderful unusual shop from the Netherlands.Here is the story from the GreenwallNL http://www.etsy.com/shop/GreenWallNL

I'm an architect, currently living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. During the day, I work at a small architecture office. I started my Etsy shop a couple of months ago, when I had the tenth person commenting on my lampshade. "Where did you buy that! It is so cool!". I was a frequent buyer at Etsy for four years, then I decided that I'd might give it a try to sell! I always loved it when you'd buy something and it would come from the other side of the world, with a personal note and made with love. How great is that?

At the moment, I'm selling my lampshades and GreenWall kits.

The last one is conceived from an experiment in my living room. I've tried to recreate one of the GreenWalls from Patrick Blanc. (Only 1.2 m wide...) It's still in progress, but at the moment quite stable. I rarely need to buy new plants.

I decided to make a smaller version that people could easily put on the wall and water occasionally. I think the result worked out quite well and I love to hear the positive comments from around the world. It's amazing to realize that something that I make at my dining table, ends up in US, Australia, Canada, or even Vanuatu!

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