Monday, 18 February 2013


Hi folks

Just to let you know that I'm recovering well from my key hole surgery just over a week ago. Its the first time ever I've been operated on , which I think is quite good for a girl of my age :). Very very nerve wracking though , I don't think I realised how nervous I would be about it.

My daughter drove me to the hospital and was with me in my own private room until they asked me to go up to theatre. At that point she left me and I slowly followed the nurse to just outside theatre at which point I was met by the "team" , who jostled me in to position on the bed , altered all the bedding , put needles into my hands and tried to crack funny jokes (supposedly to calm me down , ha ha). I never got to count down from 10 (I've heard that's the best bit) , probably they just knocked me out straight away because I looked so downright scared.

Waking up was weird I can tell you. I was dreaming , not sure what about , but it was definitely a dream to start with , and then people (the nurses) talking to me. I think I kept drifting in and out. I do remember being wheeled back to my room , passing people in the corridor.

After surgery it took a while to eventually feel fit enough to get up and dressed ready for home. The nurses wanted to make sure I ate and drank before they would let me go. I ordered a sandwich which I reckon took me over an hour to eat , I just kept falling asleep after each bite.

At home now , resting as much as I can. The 1st week I didn't do much , never left the house, had family members do my shopping for me and cook for me.  I am now at a stage where I am venturing out and about , slowing trying to get my independence again. I know when I have done too much though. My body aches , not where the stitches are but in my back and sides.

I'm sure all this will have been worth it though,  no more gall stone attacks in the middle of the night , that excruciating pain. I will not miss my gall bladder one bit.


  1. Glad you are recovering well. Keep taking it easy and building your strength, lots of lovely crafting to do in the meantime :)

  2. Also glad you're recovering well and looking forward to a gall stone free life. Make sure you don't overdo things and wait until your body is ready.

  3. You are doing well! Best wishes for a continued good recovery.

    I think you are doing better than I did, actually! It took me 2 1/2 weeks to go outside again and I only just managed to walk for 5 minutes around the green in front of our house till I was too tired to go any further.

    It is fantastic not to have those gall stone attacks anymore! Now you won't ever have to worry about them again.


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