Saturday, 24 January 2015

Knitting Diagonal Stripes with mosaic knitting

A little mosaic knitting

I always thought that knitting diagonal stripes would be very tricky. Yes I could see that Fair isle knitting would work, but I wouldn't fancy knitting the wrong side, I'm sure I would not only get my threads in a tangle but my mind too, working out which way the stripe was going. 

Right side......>

 So imagine my amazement when I found this great little trick with mosaic knitting. Not only is it really easy to do , once you have done the first 4 rows , but there are no tangled threads and you can't go wrong really.    

And the wrong side is nearly as cool as the right.

<......Wrong side

My daughter, Michelle watched me this morning whilst I worked a couple of rows and she summoned the process up in a way that I never thought. 
She said that whilst you knit the row in one colour you leave stitches behind so that they could be knit in the other colour later on.  I think she summed up mosaic knitting rather well. 

The article below nicely explains the difference between fair isle and mosaic knitting when working the same pattern. It's a great intro to mosaic knitting.

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  1. This is wayyy over my head, but it looks really good! :)


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