Saturday, 28 March 2015

Today's Mosaic Masterpiece

Some exanples of my mosaic work
Since I first found out about Mosaic knitting, probably around 2 months ago, I have been been teaching myself all about it, researching what little information there is on the Internet, trying out those few free knitting patterns that used this technique, re-engineering charts to understand how they work and generally getting to grips with the whole subject.

I ended up ordering the "Mosaic Knitting" book by Barbara G Walker but because it was out of print here in the UK, it came flying over from the USA and took around 4 weeks to arrive . And during those 4 weeks, what did I do? Yes I carried on researching and trying things out. 

I was a little impatient to learn this wonderful technique.

The book was great to get , it confirmed everything I had worked out and it had tons of mosaic charts to use.

However in those few weeks of waiting I had worked out how to design and chart up my own! Woop!, which meant when I designed and wrote up a knitting pattern I could honestly say the design is mine , totally mine !

Today's mosaic masterpiece isn't finished yet but I just had to show it to you. I have been amazed by the colour's that are on display from the one ball of Noro yarn (Aya)

The finished article will be available in my on-line shop soon and I will be writing up the knitting pattern too.

1st March , cushion is finished and knitting pattern written and tested 

For sale here -  Mosaic abstract pillow 

Pattern available here - Ravelry store 

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