Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Look what I found for a fiver


Golly gosh, don't know how I missed out on this wonderful web site. Found it purely by accident yesterday and I've been browsing around and buying too.

So what is it, that I'm in love with now?

This great site called fiverr - is full of people with smashing skills , skills that most of us don't have and they offer their services for a fiver , yes $5! . 

Each service is what they call a "gig" and a "gig can range from someone designing a logo for your business , writing your cv, finding a birthday gift, drawing a cartoon character of you or knitting you a hat that they send through the post.

And I'm just thinking , when I don't have the time to mess about with photo editing tools or I can't for the life of me think of a new way of describing my products, can I find someone on fiverr that will do it for me?

And can fiverr provide me with some new ways of promoting my little business, can it help me manage my time more effectively, can it stop me just thinking about new business card designs and actually get me doing it.

Oh Yes ! I think it can.

So I looked around , brainstormed fiverr to see how it might help me sometime. I'm happy to share that with you today.

For Knitters

They provide people that will proof read your newly designed knitting patterns or test them for you. There are people in fiverr too that will answer your knitting queries. The gig that I really liked was one where they would digitally knit my logo ! cool!    Just search "Knit" 

For Etsy shop owners

They provide people that will help you improve your shop , write product descriptions , create banners and avatars for you, review your shop, edit your photos, help with promoting your shop. The gig that I really liked was one where they would research the best keywords for your listings.   Just search "Etsy"

For small business owners

They provide people that will write blog postings or newsletters for you, help you decide on a name for your business , design your logo and / or business cards. They will do graphic design tasks for you, create web sites and distribute flyers.  Just search "small business".

For you

Just some simple gigs personally for you, such as writing love songs, recommending perfume and teaching you the guitar.

And lots of people offering to advertise your business / web site / Etsy shop / Blog or just you , whether they take a photo holding your sign or your name written on a snowman or on a sunny beach , its only a fiverr !


  1. Oh this is soo cool!!! I am definitely going to try this out!

  2. ooh ! look what i bought for a fiverr , bit basic , but given me loads of ideas


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Quick View of Woolly Goodies available on my web site
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