Thursday, 26 May 2011

Business cards to promote my shop

Remember a while ago I talked about how I could promote my shop outside those people that sell and shop on Etsy anyway. I have been checking via Google analytics to see whether the search engines are bringing in extra visitors and yes they are , but not as many as I would like. Now I have got into twitter I am trying to promote through there and Facebook as well. 

But I really need to tackle the people I see everyday , that are not aware of Etsy and don't even know that lovely hand made items are even available on the Internet.

So I am having some business cards made up and thought you would be interested in a sneak preview. I am using these 2 sets of photos on the back of the business cards so that interested shoppers can see the range of items I sell. I intend to take them with me on my little jaunts round the country in my motorhome. I do feel more comfortable talking to people I don't know yet about my shop rather than my friends and family. Strange I know....

DayZeeLoveDesigns will be making up the order in the next few days once I have designed a logo for my shop to go on the front of the business cards.

I am really pleased with the result and will be looking forward to them arriving in the post.


  1. Tha photos are going to look so lovely on your business cards and should entice people to take a look. It is useful to have them when you are out and about- better than people trying to memorise your etsy address

  2. The photos are arranged in such a lovely way. The colours go so well together I think your cards will really look eye-catching. :)


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Quick View of Woolly Goodies available on my web site
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