Thursday, 5 May 2011

Book shelf plan

Book shelf plan

I decided this morning that I need to get organised before I do any more crafting or even decorating.

This should take my mind of crafting for a little while, even though it is related (organising my crafts sounds wicked) and should get me in the mood for sorting my house out (mentioned in my previous post) .  I’m also rubbish at doing any paperwork , paying bills etc, although some how they always get paid and on time.  I feel that it is something I don’t do very well. 

So I went and bought myself a bookcase (well it’s a CD / DVD case really) and came up with a plan.

  1. Put next to the desk / near electric points
  2. Work books / physiological books  / crafting books – organise
  3. Desk light – get bulb, place on top of bookshelf
  4. Electronic photo-frame – set up
  5. Use sticky labels – so know where to put things back when I move them
  6. Boxes to keep odds and end in (for crafts working on now?) – label
  7. Organise letters/ bills – those read / those not read / those that require some work to – in / out / pending
  8. Organise desk drawers & label
  9. Magazines – where do these go?
  10. Stuff in files – organise / sort out – where do these go?
  11. Stuff in filing cabinet – can I sort out so can replace with coffee table?
  12. And then ............ & only then create something handmade to go on my bookcase (pinched this idea off one my followers - thanks Joy)
Can you all make sure I stick to the plan , especially number 12 please.

So here is my bookcase now , lets see what it is like in a few days


  1. Great plan. any tips for me getting to grips with my loft space?


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