Wednesday, 20 April 2011

To tweet or not to tweet that is the question

I'm not one for chit chat , gossip telling or anything like that so I had been keeping myself away from twitter as I felt that it wasn't for me. Happy to blog about subject areas close to my heart and see if I can get anyone else interested too. That is fun :) (Yes I enjoy talking to you all), but chatting was a bit of a No No for me.

Anyway I started hearing stories of people having over 3,000 followers and getting some sales that way. And because I want some sales (I wouldn't have a shop if I didn't want sales) I have decided to succumb.

At this moment in time I have over 20 followers and having been on twitter just over a day. Most of these are my CraftBritannia friends and then just a few are some weirdo people who I don't think will have any interests in what I sell. Mmmmmm weird.

I intend to chat (Yes this will be out of my comfort zone) whenever I can , without boring everyone to death with listings from my shop.

I would like to use it to get ideas from you people as to what I should be making , tips on your favourite colours and yarns, what knitting stitches you prefer etc. You know what I like and love to make , its all there in my shop - but is that what the public want?

If anyone , has any ideas as to how I can increase my followers, please let me know. It might be just one of those things that will happen gradually without me having to really do much (except chat) but if there is something else I need to do , then tell me please.

Obviously if you are reading this , then I'm hoping as a matter of course you will follow me and tweet this as well !


  1. Twitter is quite a nice platform if you keep an eye on those pesky rogue followers (dont worry there are not many). I myself am not fond of facebook but i do like to tweet. I shall pop along in a bit and find you.

  2. Hi Joy

    Just click on the "Follow me" button at the top of the page. i think you'll find me then.

  3. Welcome to Twitter - I'm following you too now! I've got lots of followers, but don't think I've ever had any sales through Twitter ....

  4. Hello and welcome to twitter :)
    I've followed you and tweeted to introduce you :) x

  5. I like Twitter & have been there a while! Enjoy! I'm adding you! Careful to read profiles to weed out the unwanted strangies!


  6. I think you should only stick to social media you actually enjoy using. I love Twitter,hate Facebook so I tweet a lot and keep Facebook to a minimal level. I think Twitter only works if you're actually enjoying it, if you see it as something you have to do, it'll come through your tweets...I think it's the same for other things. I can tell you enjoy blogging for exemple :)

  7. I'm not on Facebook, but I am on Twitter! Used to tweet plenty when I first joined, now it's down to a more normal level... LOL
    Not sure if I ever got sales through there though.
    I'll follow you! :-)

  8. What helps is a give away and ask others to RT (= retweet).... to get more followers... :)
    I'll follow you now

  9. Good luck with Twitter!!! I wish you lots of sales! <3


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