Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Creativity in crochet

Went shopping this lunch time for some new tools for my craft. Yes bought a couple of crochet hooks !

I'm a knitter than can now crochet.

Always wanted to do it , I've tried following patterns and watching videos on the Internet but never got it. I've always been envious of those little pretty flowers and elegant table mats and always wondered whether I would ever get to a stage in my life where I could make them myself. Well I'm there now !

And how did I do it? you ask. I attended a lovely "creative knitting" workshop last weekend and spent all the weekend near enough having 1:1 tuition. I have crocheted 1 massive motive on size 15mm hooks (the creative knitting was all about making large things using chunky wool on large needles or hooks) and I have learnt how to read patterns.

And now I am at home , having purchased size 3.5 and 5mm hooks and wonder how I'm going to do it. A small delicate flower sounds so fragile after I've been crocheting with those massive size 15mm hooks.

Stay in touch..............I'll let you know


  1. Awesome!! Isn't knitting fun? I haven't learned how to crochet yet... but I plan to! <3


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