Monday, 4 April 2011

Testing the Etsy treasury point scoring


Remember a while ago I let you know about some interesting information I had found out about how treasuries get HOT ! . Here it is if you can't remember -

Well , with my Craft Brittania friends we tried the theory out last weekend. A group of us got together and picked some of our best items to include in 3 spring themed treasuries. Kitzie made some lovely treasuries for us and then we clicked , commented and viewed each others treasuries. We read the rules and knew that it was no use commenting on our own treasuries , we had to comment on the ones we were not featured in. And guess what  - I think it worked. 

Within 5 hours we had one of the treasuries as hot as you can get and the other two were only a little way behind.

So was this a fluke , or was it because we were taking note of the information I supplied. 

I'm hoping that I can get some comments from you all as to what you think? Did you take note of the information? Did you click , view and comment on the other treasuries?

Please leave your comments


  1. Thanks for all your research Feminine - I'm sure it helped to get our treasuries hot! x

  2. Agreed with Imy!
    Thank you for all your hard work and investigating :)

  3. Well done Feminine, I definitely think your research paid off! And thanks for doing such a wonderful job rallying the troops all day :)

  4. Very interesting research Feminine - thanks for investigating for us! Somehow I don't think it was a fluke :)

  5. This was a huge success and we should do it again. Not only did the teasuries get HOT. I actually got a sale from one of these treasuries. So lets do some more. Many many thanks xxx



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