Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I show off my latest craze in a video

My latest craze is Mosaic knitting, I'm sure you will have realised that from my numerous postings about the subject , whether its me showing off my latest cushions, letting you know of my freebie dish cloth pattern or writing about the "Mosaic Knitting" book I had recently ordered. All in All the last few weeks have been a steep but very pleasant learning curve for me.

It was very nice to see the culmination of my efforts, the final flourish of activity before I can say that my new range of summer cotton cushions is finally launched!

I have launched the range with a bang (the loudest I can do without spending loads of money on adverts). After developing The Craft Britannia Wedding Promotional Video I decided that I would make a video for the launch of the cushions. It should have been a fairly simple little thing, I was only going to show off 3 cushions! (and the knitting patterns for them).

Well just take a look at the video and you'll see how mad I have gone, with a little photo editing I have changed green grass to pink, changed a pink flower on a cushion to blue and now have a number of different coloured cushions (I didn't knit all those, honest). There are summer flowers flying everywhere and photos twisting and turning all over the place. Go on take a look. I'm even admitting to myself that it looks a bit wacky but I'm loving it too!

I'm hoping that it gets the message across that these are meant for fun, for fun in the summer sun 

Sandra x

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Quick View of Woolly Goodies available on my web site
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