Thursday, 26 June 2014

The 4 amigos

I found the most delightful photograph of my daughter Michelle when I was leafing through her friends wedding album. 

I was looking for photos to use on my web site that would really show off the beautiful mohair wraps that I hand knit for the bridesmaids to wear. This photo so stood out.....

These 4 young lady's had been best friends at school. They had split up at 18 to go their separate ways , each of them to University in different towns , some of them coming back to live locally and then going away again. Each time they meet up its like a breath of fresh air to see them together. This photo portrays that.

Now here's one of the "real" wedding photos that shows off the wraps.

and a wedding montage that I have put together

PS Wonder how the photographer managed to sneak into the ladies

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