Saturday, 14 June 2014

Getting those UK sales

New to Etsy store - chunky hand knit infinity scarves

Up to now I wasn't really bothered who purchased from me or where they were from , I was just very happy when a sale came my way. Since selling on Etsy I have always known that very few people in the UK know that Etsy even exists and those few people sell on Etsy anyway. 

Wherever I can , on Etsy forum threads etc I have stated this probably obvious fact and maybe Etsy listened or maybe they knew anyway but..........

they have created their very first TV advert aimed at The UK market.

I have yet to see the advert on TV. I have never taken such a keen interest in TV adverts before , always using the advert time to go make that UK ritual of the "cup of tea" or make my way to the bathroom. But ever since a few days ago when I found  out the advert was to be aired I have been glued to the "box" during advert time. 

Along with giving all the UK sellers chance to have to have their own customised advert , Etsy tell me 

"We're featuring all of the sellers that took part in the ad here: - we're sending a lot of people here through our UK promotions around the TV ad. Also, our UK homepage is featuring only UK sellers and their products for the next few weeks to support our amazing UK seller community :)"

I'm hoping for an increase in UK people taking a look at Etsy , I'm sure they will be pleasantly surprised at the diversity and quality of products on the web site. If only they knew................... 

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