Monday, 24 March 2014

Polyvore - How I got started with it

Thinking of weddings?
I'm so impressed by the beautiful collages that can be created via Polyvore. Its an easy way that you can pull together wonderful coordinated fashion items into one picture , incorporating your own work and that of others , even high street or designer items. 

I found this piece of software by accident and been fascinated by it ever since. Its great for showing off ALL my products , from the woolly accessories I make for the home..... to the chunky or lace scarves etc that I make for the modern woman. 

I was a little hesitant about having yet another social media to worry about and I was adamant that it would not take over my life. Already I have established that this piece of software could become very addictive, it records number of people viewing and liking the collages (sets they call them) you make. Which means that you could get over anxious trying to find ways to get your collages seen by loads of people on Polyvore. You can join groups and share your collages with group members , hoping they will like them. You can follow others and they can follow you AND ...... you can join in the competitions , even perhaps winning a prize for the best themed collage.  

See how you could spend hours and days , lost in this minefield of collages.

So I have made myself a little list, just so I stick to my first initial thoughts on how this software could benefit my business.

1. Collages will be made to show off my items. When its appropriate (and not all the time so people get sick of them) these will be promoted via twitter , pinterest, facebook , tumblr and blogger. 

THIS IS MY MAIN AIM - I really see the advantage of my potential customers seeing my goods alongside something they could buy on the high street for example. 

2. When I get notified of someone else on Polyvore using one of my items in their very own collage , then I will actively promote too.  

I think this is a good starting point for me to ensure I don't spend too much time with this great piece of software.

And just so you know , this blog post was created straight from Polyvore , the picture at the top of the blog post and the brilliant list underneath was created automatically , with direct links to each Etsy shop included in the picture , how cool is that.  

Eyelet dress

White prom dress

Green prom dress

Wedding lingerie

Leather shoes

Floral handbag

Wedding bag

Stud earrings

Chain bracelet

Rose skin care

Ceramic bowl

Gold Love Script

Butterfly Place Cards - whimsical, neutral, escort card, placecard,...

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  1. Gorgeous collage. The Polyvore bug has bitten me too. Thanks so much.


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