Sunday, 16 March 2014

A quick Sunday morning trip to the supermarket


Feel like I have achieved tons this morning and that's from a simple trip to the supermarket. We managed to turn this simple job into completing 4 jobs , managing a great multi tasking exercise.

Last night we went to our friends Wendy's 50th Birthday party at the cricket club in the next village. I drove there and ended up leaving my car in the car park there, due to my inabilities to stay off the alcohol, uh em. 

This morning , after a quick doggy walk and an hour chilling and knitting over a few cups of coffee we decided to embark on the weekly shop. My fella then had a brainwave , why don't we take the motor home out for a little trip before our first weekend away this year. Just to make sure that nothing had ceased up and that it started OK.

As part of the trip out , he took a bit of a detour and took me on some local roads that I had never been on. The views were lovely so out came my phone and I started snapping. 

Views around Huddersfield, West Yorkshire , ENGLAND

 Then when we had finished the shopping , we remembered my car, that was just parked up the hill from the supermarket , so off we went. I picked the car up and followed my motor home home. 

Summary of 1 trip out

1. Weekly shopping
2. Took motorhome out for a check out drive
3. Took some photos for my blog
4. Picked up my car

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