Sunday, 2 February 2014

My craft room (part 1)

Woop ! I’m getting a little giddy. 

My new pad is almost ready for me to move in :)

My new pad , is my new craft room in my partners house. He has asked me to move in after 16 years ! together , and after I redecorated some of the bedrooms and started work on the craft (my) room , I said “Yes” . 

My craft room is the little bedroom , that used be kitted out with young girls cartoon doggy wall paper and matching curtains and lampshade.   His daughter uses that room when she comes to visit and is now 26 , so very much time for a change! The only conditions I was given was that the single bed stays in the room (so she can still come and visit ~ of course) and that I would replace the wallpaper with something bright and feminine. 

The rooms not quite finished , there are still shelves to put up, books to be organised , curtains to be made (maybe) but I couldn’t resist showing you what’s already been done. 

The built in wardrobe has been turned in to my yarn store. I have used those flexible storage (for shoes and sweaters) shelves to organise my yarns. These hang down from the wardrobe rail and cost me around £12 for 3 sets, that’s all. 

There were already some shelves to the right which I used for more yarn. I have used one of those shoe tidies to hang over the wardrobe door for spaces to organise yet more stuff. Bags and boxes of yarn that I have yet to sort through have been stuffed up into the top cupboard.  You know something , I love this , it’s great to start a knitting project and go for a browse in your very own yarn store. 

I just had to get rid of the silly girly lampshade. I wanted something original and unique and something to show off my craftiness. The knitted lampshade was inspired by some photos I had seen on the Internet. Knitting a lampshade seemed the logical conclusion, all it took was a bit of maths brainpower to calculate how many stitches to use and how often I need to decrease to make the lampshade shape.  The only thing that concerned me was ensuring the shade was fire resistant , otherwise I would never dare turn the light on. I was helped out by one of UUK colleagues , who advised me of some fire resistant spray to use , Phew , all sorted. 

Please come back to see part 2 of my craft room

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  1. Absolutely LOVE the knitted lamp shade. Never seen anything like it. I think it could be a good seller.


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