Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My 1st New Years Resolution - DONE

At the very end of last year , I endeavoured on a little project , aimed at trying to get more views to this blog and also the one at Uniquely UK. I was inspired by my friend Simmi , who was already doing the same. Both of us wrote some little freebie tutorials , simple instructions with whacking results. The number of views we get from these postings on a daily basis is stupendous!

I'd always planned that one year I would expand my little hobby to include selling knitting patterns that I had designed and written up. Well this year is that year! It came to me out of the blue again last week , and here I am a week later with 2 knitting patterns under my belt and another that is in the finishing stages.

Its a brilliant feeling to see my patterns written up professionally instead of scribbled on bits of paper that I lose on a daily basis. For me , it means that I don't have to rethink how to knit something I designed , I can just refer to my own pattern. The stress of those custom orders has gone away! 

But most importantly I can get my designs out there in the public domain. Yes some I will charge for (only £2.80 at the moment) and others I will post on my blog for free. I'll be offering tips and guidance on my blog too, just to help people get started or help them get over a difficult concept. 

So this is my 1st New Years Resolution DONE !. Now I have started , believe you me , I will continue , for this year and beyond.

Happy knitting ..........

Peg Bag knitting pattern
Hot water bottle cover knitting pattern

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  1. Love both patterns. Well done to you for achieving a resolution. I am aiming to try out one new craft a month and this month is knitting. I am a beginner. I knitted a square about 45 years ago for a brownie badge and that is it!. I'll be showing how I progress on my blog.


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