Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Turning voting into a competition

For the past year or so I have been developing my designs of purses / bags and cushion covers , incorporating more of my woollen finds. I scour charity shops and pester friends. You even see me sat in a pub eyeing up a nice thick gorgeous cabled aran jumper as it walks in the door, thinking to myself if only they didn’t want that anymore, thinking what I could do with it.

Some of my creations I have sold on Etsy   TheFeminineTouch  
- the world wide hand made / vintage / supply selling site. Others are still there waiting to be snapped up

Now is the time , to move my creations onwards and upwards  as well as still using recycled materials in my work.

I recently came across the silouette cameo cameo which is a nifty little device that you plug into your PC like a printer. But here comes the clever bit, instead of printing it cuts , yes it slices into whatever material / paper you have in it’s way.   I’d always wanted to try my hand at appliqué some really intricate felt work on to my bags but I know that it impossible to cut the felt out with just a pair of scissors and get that really professional finish. So this piece of kit was brilliant. I could now start incorporating some arts and craft type designs into my work.

And then I heard of Enterprise Nation  http://www.enterprisenation.com/ who were offering small business the chance of some funding. Anything from £50 to £500 they would give to businesses to fund their “good ideas” as long as the business was prepared to share information with Enterprise Nation after the event. Late one night I compiled my “good idea” and 2 weeks later I got the news that my “good idea” had been accepted and that all I needed to do was to get current customers and potential customers to vote on my “good idea”. This is brilliant I thought , I’m being forced into promoting my shop and me in way that I would never have done otherwise.

Well done Enterprise Nation ! And so the promotion began ..……........................

But really , why would you do this for me? What’s in it for you?  Well here’s a secret......

If I get to the 290 votes , I plan to hold a little competition , something that will make me use my design skills , take ideas off a potential customer and create something unique using my new cutting tool. I plan to hold a draw taking all the names of people that have voted , popping them in to a hat and drawing out a winner. The winner will get one of my 1st creations using the silouette cameo.


Well how about that , interested ?  then here’s the voting link -  http://www.enterprisenation.com/funding-applications/thefemininetouch/ All you have to do is sign up with your email address and name & hit the vote button.

Please remember to leave comments (with email address) below to let me know you have voted or comments (with email address) on the web site itself.
And for those of you who have already voted (you know who you are), then just pop a comment here or email me – TheFeminineT@aol.co.uk and I’ll make sure you are in the draw too.



  1. Brilliant idea! I voted for you anyway but would love to be in the draw :)

  2. Have voted and become a follower. I would like to be entered in to your competition, thanks

  3. I voted earlier :D (Colour Me Fun)

  4. have voted :) and tweeted this x

  5. you have my vote:) (twinkknits)

  6. Good Luck with the votes. Have clicked you already.

    Naomi (Shalotte)

  7. Have voted for you! Good luck
    Em from Pixie Doodles

  8. Good luck! Hope you get there!

  9. Voted and tweeted, good luck
    Zoe (GlanceJewellery on Etsy)

  10. Good luck Fem! :)
    I voted yesterday, but thought I'd just pop my name in here :)
    Can't wait to see what wonderful things you will create!

  11. I think your idea is great and said so when I voted! good luck from LinniR

  12. I think its a fab idea. I had voted already but would love to be in with a chance too, I shall go facebook and see if I can drum up a few more votes for you. x

    1. That would be great Joy , thanks so much

  13. Great idea. I wish you the best of luck in your artistic endeavor. And you are creating beautiful items from things that people don't want anymore. Talk about recycling!

  14. fab idea, I've voted good luck fingers and eyes crossed for you!:) lisastubbs.illustration@gmail.com

  15. voted - good luck! & if you could have a look at my fund101 application & see what you think that would be fab! thanks :-)


  16. I have already voted for you but would love to be entered into the draw! Thanks x

  17. Loads of good luck....I've voted - willowsroom@gmail.com

  18. Best of luck Fem, I really hope you get it. I have voted already voted for you and would love to be entered into the draw.


  19. Good Luck Fem, I voted for you, your computerised cutting machine sounds fantastic.


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