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My Thursday blog postings, all about Colour Styling 

Everyone is different, the colour of your hair , skin and even eyes change constantly over the day as the light changes, whether your inside or outside , what time of day it is & what the weather is doing. You posess a colour of your very own!


Women that understand their colour and work with it in a good way can look very interesting, cool, confident and able to get on with the world around them. 

The choice of colour is overwhelming, You might think you know what suits you and you may want to evolve that colour in to your wardrobe but have you even considered whether it really does suit you? A colour may look good on you inside,  but might look hideously wrong when you go outside in the daylight.  

This colour analysis tool will help you determine your dominant colour. is based on your hair colouring, eye colour and complexion ,the web site gives you an idea of what could be your dominant colours, the colours that will suit you best. 

Colour styling ideas below build upon the dominant colour.


Very Berry

Radiant Orchid


Colourful Yarns

Posh Yarns

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